OPM Development Group (OPMDG)

The Open PostgreSQL Monitoring Development Group (OPMDG) is an international, unincorporated association of individuals and companies who have contributed to the OPM project.

The right to modify the official code base and accept contributions (‘pull requests’) is hold by a group called the “OPM Committers”. The current team of committers is listed below:

The OPM Committers generally act as spokespeople for the OPMDG.

Contributors to OPM are selected to be committers based on the following loose criteria:

  • several substantial contributions to the project
  • responsibility for maintenance of one or more areas of the codebase
  • track record of reviewing and helping other contributors with their patches
  • high quality code contributions which require very little revision or correction for commit
  • demonstrated understanding of the process and criteria for patch acceptance

Committers who have become inactive and have not contributed significantly to the OPM project in several months can be removed as committers.